lunedì 22 giugno 2009

Satin black panel and scrolling blue suede

Lady diamond

Sara's peanut,metalflake a GO GO and shine kandy color

domenica 21 giugno 2009

panel Kustom week-end

Trophy panel for "Kustom week-end 2008".

Lettering,cartooning and pinstriping........brush at GO GO

tattoo helmet replica

swallows and freestyle pinstriping

mercoledì 10 giugno 2009

Franky pan

Psycho graphix with Tangerine and Root beer.
As you seen in 26 DiCe magazine.

Tribal Brandy

Brandy wine kandy over a black pearl,and tribal gold leaf design with 3D.
Alive is much more better.

Olive green

classic pinstriping and "hand brushed"logo........................Thank to ONE SHOT

Luca's racer

Vintage racer for luca's springer


Honda CB four 500 cafè racer

Davide's wide glide

Lime green metalflake on iron grey